Atius Management is one of Manchester's leading personal management agencies, representing a diverse range of actors throughout the UK.

We have a 'Mixed Abilities' division for actors who are either physically disabled or have learning difficulty. All of our 'Mixed Abilities' actors train on a weekly basis with John (TV & Film Producer). John has worked with learning disabled people since 2008. John imparts acting skills, encouraging actors to work using improvisation skills.

Atius Management has a bijou roster, offering a high level of management for our talent. Every client we represent is pushed out to our contacts within the industry, including casting directors, producers and directors.

Here at Atius Management we understand how tough the industry can be for actors. This is why we work closely with our talent and tailor our attention to each individual actor, resulting in getting them their most desired role. .


We have created solid relationships all over the country allowing our actors to fulfill their passions and dreams within TV, Film, and Theatre.


Atius Management represent a select list of actors including household names and fresh new, emerging talent.

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We represent some extremely talented individuals and we are committed to helping them achieve their acting goals and get the most from their career.


-Steve Martin